What is a Summit University Work-Study Retreat?

A Summit University Work-Study Retreat is an opportunity for a profound, transformative learning experience at the Inner Retreat.

During these week-long retreats, two Summit University instructors will guide a small group of twelve people in an in-depth study on a particular topic. You will go deep into the Teachings in an intimate setting, while sharing in a community experience with like-minded devotees on the Path.

An SU Work-Study Retreat will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Engage in in-depth study of a particular subject in a small, intimiate group setting (10-12 students)
  • Enjoy personal time with the two experienced SU facilitators who will conduct your retreat
  • Volunteer in the community and share in the Inner Retreat experience
  • Explore the beautiful area in and around the Inner Retreat as you go on several local outings with your class

In addition to your spiritual studies, part of your day will be spent volunteering. You’ll be working side-by-side with staff members on a variety of projects, such as transcribing teachings, landscaping or preparing healthy meals. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage your heart and soul in the mystery school experience.

You’ll live at a luxury vacation home at the Inner Retreat for a week while you pray, study, meditate, volunteer, rejuvenate yourself with daily exercises such as T’ai Chi, Chi-gong or yoga, and have fun during a community night with the staff.

While you are at the Inner Retreat, your mandala will take some time to explore the beautiful surrounding area. You will have the opportunity to tour the Royal Teton Ranch, visit Chico Hot Springs, venture into Yellowstone Park, and much more (options will be dependent on the season).

Summit University Work-Study Retreats provide you with a way to experience personal transformative learning at a deeply satisfying level. Give yourself or a loved one this unique retreat opportunity in the heart of the Rocky Mountains!

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