ME 01 – What Is the Ascension?

The Ascension.  It’s Why You’re Here!

(One-unit Mini Course; Course Number: ME 01)

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Imagine that you are eternally young and in perfect health. You are free to expand your horizons in any direction you choose. You are in constant contact with ascended masters, angels and other great beings of Light. This is what happens when you ascend into a higher state of consciousness, achieve mastery over time and space and fulfill your ultimate reason for being.

What is the Ascension? is designed to help you rediscover what your soul has known from the beginning—that life does have a higher purpose and you are intended to achieve it! 

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, world-renowned author and spiritual teacher, guides you unerringly through the steps necessary to make your ascension a reality.

Course topics include:

  • Your spiritual anatomy and your divine destiny
  • Ascension requirements and how to fulfill them
  • Transforming yourself with the Violet Flame
  • The misuses of God’s light that could prevent you from uniting with your Higher Self
  • For a complete list of course topics, click here [pdf]

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Price: $14.95

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Ascension: The Goal of Life will be available for purchase on March 7th. Students who purchase the course will receive their user name and password within 1 week of purchasing the course. Purchasing the course will provide a student access to the course for 6 months (6-month period begins at time of enrollment).

By purchasing the course you will get access to:

  • Readings on spiritual teachings
  • Spiritual exercises
  • Audio and/or video clips
  • Journaling
  • Recommendations for further study
  • An instructor who will answer questions

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