Auditing Courses

Students interested in a particular subject matter offered by SU Online yet preferring not to participate in forums and complete assignments may take General Studies classes for audit for a reduced tuition fee of $50 plus a $10 tech support fee per credit hour. (See Tuition and Fees for more information.)

Auditing students have access to all course materials to study on their own time and schedule. They do not submit assignments nor have access to SU forums and instructors. Textbooks are optional. No Certificate of Completion is awarded for auditing courses.

Students who choose to audit courses do not submit applications or pay an application fee. Beginning in September 2013 they may purchase their course(s) online at the Summit University® website. The students will then receive an email receipt and additional instructions on how to access the course(s). Once enrolled, students have 6 months to complete the course.

Should students who audit a course later desire to take that course for credit, they will need to apply to the SU School of Theology and Spiritual Studies and retake the full course.

Available Courses

Coming Soon
The following course is expected to be available for audit beginning in September 2013. Additional courses will be added as they become available.

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