Course Descriptions

COMS 1101  Public Speaking (1 credit)

This course will focus on the basic elements of public speaking including techniques to help overcome nervousness and to avoid those unnecessary filler words, such as, “uh” and “you know”.  Additional topics include how to write a speech, speak with clarity, use visual aids, and incorporate humor and stories.

The course will provide opportunities to analyze and evaluate “good” and “bad” speeches through video and discussion, and to present speeches, both live and recorded.  Students will learn how to speak from the heart and connect with their audience.

EDUC 1380  Outreach Principles and Techniques in The Summit Lighthouse (1 credit)

Outreach is a fundamental component of church and organizational growth. It can take many forms—from formal presentations for hundreds of people to small informal book study groups, heart to heart contact with individuals one on one, or reaching out to many seekers through the use of social media and technology.

This course will give you a solid grounding in the principles and techniques of outreach within The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant, covering all aspects of outreach ranging from preparation and logistics to follow up. It will help you to define your unique target market and teach you how to speak to the “one” no matter how many people you are addressing.

Whatever type of outreach you embrace, the key element is embodying the message of personal Christhood so that you can become a magnet for spiritual seekers through the power of the Holy Spirit.

LEAD 1101  Principles and Practice of Servant-Leadership (3 credits)

Principles and Practice of Servant Leadership presents a comprehensive, integrative and practical focus on servant leadership. Students develop skills through research, journaling and reflection exercises, small group discussion forums, leadership practice assignments, written essays and self-assessment.

The course equips students with servant leadership knowledge and skills necessary to make ethical decisions and be effective in their roles in community and in their professions.

LEAD 1105  Practical Leadership Skills 1 (1 credit)

Designed to enrich the seasoned and the newly launched leader, this course brings to life practical leadership skills for facilitating and building highly authentic, productive and creative teams.

Students will use experiential and collaborative activities such as forum discussions, reflective exercises and individual and team projects to demonstrate their understanding of working with different personality types, the stages of team development, appreciative inquiry and effective facilitation skills.

POLI 1101  Spiritual Principles of Government (3 credits)

The fundamental premise of this course is that the highest purpose of government is to provide maximum opportunity for the spiritual evolution of the individual soul and soul groups within the framework of community, society and the nation. To understand how this can be achieved, students will study the universal principles underlying government and their relationship to spiritual laws, including the laws of karma and reincarnation.

The course includes a historical survey of forms of government through the ages, including legends of ancient golden ages, an analysis of Plato’s concept of the philosopher king, the divine right of Kings, and the emergence of modern theories of democracy. A particular focus will be the founding principles of American government and the extent to which these ideals have been realized in practice to the present time.

Students will have the opportunity to apply a similar analysis to current-day political movements, such as the Arab Spring.

RELS 1080  Understanding the Teachings of the Ascended Masters (3 credits)

The Ascended Masters present an elaborate world view that is both unique and complex, ranging from the human spiritual anatomy to world history to the nature and purpose of the universe.  In addition, they offer a practical spiritual path that has been described as a fast track compared to the goals and practices of more traditional religions and spiritual movements.

This course offers an in-depth study of these unique teachings, showing underlying patterns and principles that shed light on the apparent complexity.  Students will gain a deeper understanding of the essence and the holistic nature of the ascended masters’ world view, including such topics as cosmology, the nature of God, the purpose of life, the origin of evil and life after death.

Students will acquire a basic vocabulary used in religious studies, which gives them a conceptual framework and a common language for meaningful discussions of these teachings vis-à-vis other worldviews and religions.

RELS 1180  The Science of the Spoken Word (1 credit)

Spoken prayer is at the heart of all of the world’s religions and is both an art and a science. This course covers the history of prayer through the ages and how prayer and the spoken word are used in a variety of settings, both spiritual and secular.

This course includes a study of the science of sound, such as how sound, rhythm, tone and pitch impact matter.  Students will study prayer forms used in the various world religions, including the use of mantras and mudras, fiats, calls, chants, rosaries, songs and the dynamic decree, along with their background and purpose.

Instruction is included on  how to scientifically create an invocation or prayer, the concept and art of using sound and mantra to create a forcefield for personal and group spiritual work and the use of visualization, concentration and meditation with all of these techniques.

SOCW 2603  Basics of Senior Care (1 credit)

This practical course accentuates how to develop local support systems for the elderly.  Students will learn about the challenges seniors face in everyday life and particularly as they approach the end-of-life stage, including such issues as dementia, hoarding, loss of mobility, planned moves, decisions on end-of-life care, medical support and alternative healthcare approaches for seniors.

Topics also include meeting the spiritual needs of this frail population, as well as meeting the needs of caregivers and implementing support systems for them.  Practicums, care plans and short papers will be graded elements of this course.

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