Department of General Studies

The Department of General Studies offers students several options for immersing themselves in SU’s curriculum.  One option is to take single courses, either for credit or as an auditing student.  Another option is to compose your own General Studies Certificate Program.

Individual Courses

For Credit

Summit University welcomes students who would like to take individual courses in the Department of General Studies.  Taking a course for credit means you will complete all assignments, exercises and tests included in the course. Choose from a variety of 1-, 2- and 3-credit courses as they become available.

Complete credits simply for your own academic satisfaction, or pre-plan for a certificate program that you might want to enroll in at a future date.

If you’re currently pursuing a degree, explore the possibility of taking an SU course on a spiritual subject to supplement and deepen your program at your college or university.

For Audit

Students interested in a particular subject matter offered by SU yet preferring not to participate in forums and complete assignments may take General Studies classes for audit for a reduced fee.

Would you like to start a course any time you want and study completely at your own pace?

Would you like to immerse yourself in topics and expand your knowledge and heart without the pressure of assignments or exams? Then auditing one or more courses is for you.

Auditing students have access to all course materials to study on their own time and schedule. They do not, however, submit assignments nor have access to SU forums and instructors.

General Studies Certificate Program

Build your own General Studies certificate from a spectrum of courses. This 18-credit program has one required 3-credit course, RELS 1011 Understanding the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.   Students select the additional 15 credits according to their unique interests.  Almost any combination of courses will be acceptable.  Focus on a specific topic area or go broad for a well-balanced certificate.

Available Courses

Single Courses for Credit or Audit*

Select any course from the list below.

General Studies Certificate Program*

Required Course (3 credits)

Electives (15 credits)

*See the academic calendar for when specific courses for credit will be offered.  Courses for audit may be taken at any time as they become available.  Course numberings, titles and availability are subject to change without prior notice.  The course listing will expand as Summit University adds classes to its curriculum.


If you are interested in the General Studies programs, please fill out this form to be added to our inquirer list.

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