General Program Information

Post-Secondary Certificate Programs

Summit University® Online is a post-secondary certificate-granting institution. It confers non-degree certificates, not academic degrees. Upon successful completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion for the program(s) in which they have enrolled.

Current Programs

Our programs are organized and conducted by Summit University’s School of Theology and Spiritual Studies, and they take place almost entirely online.

Current offerings include certificate programs in Ministerial Studies, Leadership Studies, and General Studies. Students may also take individual General Studies courses for credit or for audit.

Please be aware that curriculum and courses are subject to modification. Summit University reserves the right to change them without prior notification.

Credits and Course Load

Current certification programs require 18 credits of study. Courses are delivered based on a part-time study schedule; full-time options are not currently available.

To maintain a balanced course load, we recommend that students take six credits per semester. A minimum of three credits per semester is acceptable for those who would like to go at a slower pace.


Although Summit University is exploring accreditation and will pursue this goal as the online school develops, SU is not yet accredited.

Transfer of Credit

The goal of the School of Theology and Spiritual Studies is to offer programs for those who would like to prepare for the ministry or serve in spiritual leadership or community developer roles in their local communities. Acceptance for transfer of course credits to other schools is determined by the receiving institution.

Placement Services

Summit University does not offer placement services for graduates or enrolled students. We do not guarantee service opportunities, employment, occupational advancement, salary or benefits.

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