Life Experience Credits

SU Online’s life experience policy allows students to request to receive credit for required courses in which they have extensive experience, skills, or knowledge. This policy covers some courses, especially on skill-based topics. However, not all courses are subject to this policy.

Examples of experiences or training that may serve as the basis to receive credit include:

  • Participated a course, workshop, training session, or similar educational experience;
  • Relevant professional, organizational, volunteer, or life experience (for example, Toastmasters International certifications).

Requests are to be submitted in writing to the SU registrar, and each request will be reviewed on an individual basis. Requests should include details of previous experience or training (such as course description, institution, dates, number of hours), what you learned, and how it pertains to the course for which you are requesting credit.

Students may be asked to demonstrate their knowledge or skills of a particular subject by writing an essay, making a presentation, or providing a portfolio documenting their extensive experience in the course work. Portfolios may contain certificates, licenses, transcripts, or any materials produced as part of course work or life experience.

Written requests must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the registration period for the specific semester. Students will receive a response within two weeks, and will have two weeks to complete any assignments that may be given. The instructor will then have two weeks to review and grade the assignment. This allows time for the student to register to take the course for credit if the life experience request is denied. Registration is not required for courses when the request is granted.

Based on the instructor’s recommendation, the student will receive a letter grade when they have completed the assignment. In cases when no additional assignment is requested, the grade will be a Pass. Students will have the option of taking the course for credit if they choose to improve the life experience grade.

Students who receive life experience credit for a course must register that semester for a minimum of 3 additional credits to remain in their program.

There is a tuition fee of $50/credit for students who are approved to receive life experience credit, which is paid directly using PayPal.

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