Department of Ministerial Studies

Summit University’s online ministerial studies are for you if…

  • You feel a profound calling to offer spiritual and practical assistance to your fellowman—ranging from supporting families, seniors, children and youth to doing outreach or hospice work, conducting rituals and services, administering sacraments, and providing spiritual understanding to congregations and seekers.
  • You would like to pursue a ministerial function in Church Universal and Triumphant.
  • You would like to study online, at your own pace, with likeminded fellow-students.

The ministerial studies program consists of two levels which prepare a student for a ministerial vocation.

Level 1 – Ministering Servant Certificate Program

Level 1 is a preparatory step for those who are thinking of pursuing ministry as a vocation.  It thoroughly prepares students for an active role as ministering servants in their local communities.  Students choose between two tracks:

Track A is the basic study program, open to anyone who meets our academic prerequisites.  It concludes with a certificate of completion in Ministering Servant Studies.

Track B follows the same basic program but has additional elements geared specifically to those who desire to pursue ministry as a vocation.  This track prepares students for the mantle of lay brother/sister in Church Universal and Triumphant, which is a prerequisite step for becoming a minister in the Church.  The mantle of lay brother/sister is awarded by the Church to graduates of Track B who also meet the Church’s spiritual standards and character requirements.

Both tracks will take a minimum of 1.5 years of part-time study (three 16-week semesters).

Level 2 – Ministerial Training Certificate Program

In our future Ministerial Training Certificate Program, students will be trained to professionally minister to a congregation or community.  This program will also have two tracks.

Track A is the basic certificate program, open to those who successfully complete Track A of the Ministering Servant Certificate Program.

Track B will have additional elements specifically designed for lay brothers/sisters in Church Universal and Triumphant who desire to pursue the mantle of lay minister.  After three years of successful ministry, lay ministers may become eligible for ordination, which means they dedicate themselves to the ministry as a lifelong calling.

Level 2 will take a minimum of 2.5 – 3 years of part-time study.   It is expected to start in 2015, at the conclusion of the Level 1 program.

Ministry as Vocation

Students interested in pursuing a ministerial role in Church Universal and Triumphant should read Ministry as Vocation in Church Universal and Triumphant.  This booklet gives an in-depth explanation of what it means to be an Aquarian Age minister and will answer many questions.  It can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.

Curriculum for the Ministering Servant Certificate Program

Ministering Servant Certificate Program – Track A*

Required Courses (12 credits)

Electives (6 credits; must include at least one SOCW course)

Ministering Servant Certificate Program – Track B*

Required Courses (16 credits)

Electives (2 credits; must include at least one SOCW course)

Additional Requirements (no credit)

  • Minimally one semester of mentoring by an ordained minister of C.U.T.
  • Minimally five professional counseling sessions by a licensed psychological counselor/therapist (may deduct sessions taken in the past 3 years)

*See the academic calendar for when specific courses will be offered.  Course numberings, titles and availability are subject to change without prior notice.


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