Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does everyone who participates in the group have to pay $25 if the group is only given one online course username/password combination?
    An SU online course is similar to an SU seminar.  It is designed to be a transformative learning experience that each individual in the group is purchasing.  Like a book group where each individual would be asked to purchase the books being read, we are asking each participant to pay a fee, which will grant them access to the course content and the SU experience.
  2. Can someone join the group part way through the course?
    Yes!  Individuals are welcome to join the group at a later point, however it is up to the group facilitator to help these individuals catch up on the course work that they missed.  This can be done simply by sharing the group username/password with the new group member so that he or she can access the previously covered online material.  Students joining the group should work with the group facilitator to register and pay for the course through TSL Customer Service using a new copy of the Group Registration Form.
  3. If I drop out part way through the course, can I get my money back?
    No.  The $25 fee is a non-refundable purchase.
  4. What if I can’t complete the course with the group?  Can I get an individual extension?
    No, you cannot receive an individual extension under any circumstance.  Each group will be given one year to complete their course.  If you are unable to complete the course with your group, we suggest that you work with your group facilitator to see if there is a way that you can complete the course in your own time before the one-year access period ends.  You could also purchase the online course yourself as an individual at a later date and receive access to the online course for six months.  (Online extension courses for individuals typically cost $49.95 per six-month enrollment period.  See the Summit University website for details.)

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