MINS 1000 Mentoring Program

Credits: 0

Number of Weeks: 17

Summit University's School of Theology Mentoring Program is required for and available only to students who are participating in the Ministering Servant Certificate Program–Track B. Students must have completed six credits in the MSC-B program to be eligible to participate. The Mentoring Program is designed to give students the opportunity to be mentored for three hours by an ordained minister of Church Universal and Triumphant. This will consist of on the average three personal phone consultations with your mentor, focused on your development as a ministering servant and your aspirations toward the ministry in our Church.

Hours per week: There is no weekly work associated with this program. However, students are expected to meet with their mentor for a minimum of three hours spread out throughout the course of the semester.

Prerequisites: In order to register for this program, students must be enrolled in the MSC-B Program and have completed at least six program credits.

Required for and only available to:

  • Ministering Servant Certificate Program (Track B)
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