Moscow, Russia- May 6-10, 2015



When: May 6-10, 2015
Where: near Moscow, Russia
Colomna, country “Maloe Uvarovo”, Park-Hotel “Olimp”
Language: Russian
Cost: 5000 rubles ($100.00 USD) (Does not include discounts, lodging and food, etc.)
Information and Registration Form: Flyer in Russian [PDF]
Contact Information:
Phone: 8-909-630-2270 OR 1-403-945-2696
Sponsoring local group: TSL Russia


The Magnet of the Heart
with the World Teachers Jesus and Kuthumi,
the Lords of the Seven Rays and the Maha Chohan

“The hour of Christhood in you is more important than any other event taking place upon this planet,” says the Great Guru Sanat Kumara. Why? Because a Christed one can hold the balance for millions in the earth—and because it is the well-developed Christ flame in the heart that magnetizes others to the path.

Christhood comes gradually, as we walk the path and strive to become whole. There’s a pattern and a process. We need to understand both, not just to be victorious on our own path but also to help others make the journey home.

On each day of this retreat we will make an in-depth study of one of the five steps of initiation on the way to Christhood and practice how to assimilate that step. We’ll learn how to share our path with the world, using as our guide a fifteen-point program of assistance to mankind developed by the Seven Chohans of the Rays.

The retreat concludes with a special chakra blessing.  What greater gift than this to send you on your way to help others grow and ascend?

The fire that you bank in the hearth of the AUM becomes the magnet of your own I AM Presence which will magnetize by ineffable love the souls of the living into the joy of givingness that is life in Christ Jesus. The magnet of love, the magnet of wisdom, and the magnet of power that is your heart flame is the essence of your initiation on the Path.

—Lord Maitreya

Topics include:

  • Profound teachings given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the messenger of the ascended masters
  • In-depth study and practice of the five steps of discipleship under the ascended masters that lead to personal Christhood
  • Enlightening recorded dictations by five ascended masters that reveal the beauty and rigor of the path of Christhood

Other seminar features: This seminar includes a unique purification ritual called a clearance, and concludes with two chakra blessings.


  • This retreat is open to Keepers of the Flame as well as to new students who have a basic understanding of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters®. The minimum age for attendance is 15.

Recommended texts (available from the SU Online Bookstore):

  • Prophet, Mark L., and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Lords of the Seven Rays: Mirror of Consciousness (Summit University Press, 1986)

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