RELS 1180 The Science of the Spoken Word

Credits: 1

Number of Weeks: 8

Spoken prayer is at the heart of all of the world’s religions and is both an art and a science. This course covers the history of prayer through the ages and how prayer and the spoken word are used in a variety of settings, both spiritual and secular.

This course includes a study of the science of sound, such as how sound, rhythm, tone and pitch impact matter. Students will study prayer forms used in the various world religions, including the use of mantras and mudras, fiats, calls, chants, rosaries, songs and the dynamic decree, along with their background and purpose.

Instruction is included on how to scientifically create an invocation or prayer, the concept and art of using sound and mantra to create a forcefield for personal and group spiritual work and the use of visualization, concentration and meditation with all of these techniques.

This course has an emphasis on reading as well as listening to audio and video excerpts. Students will also engage in journaling and dialoging in forums, submit some short papers and have a mid-term and final paper.

Students will be graded on the following course assignments:


% of Final Grade

Journal Exercises 10%
Forums 30%
Assignments 30%
Mid Term and Final Papers 30%
TOTAL 100%


Hours per week: Students should plan to set aside 5–6 hours per week to complete their weekly course work. This course consists of eight units and students are expected to complete one unit per week.

Textbook Information: RELS 1180 Textbook Information Sheet [PDF]

Required for:

  • Ministering Servant Certificate Program (Track B)

Elective for:

  • Ministering Servant Certificate Program (Track A)
  • Leadership Studies Certificate Program
  • General Studies Certificate Program
  • General Studies – Individual Course and Audit

To take this course, you must be a credit or audit student in the SU Online School of Theology and Spiritual Studies. Click here to learn more about the School of Theology. Interested in applying to the school? Visit our Application Process page to apply today!

This information is subject to change without notice.


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