LEAD 2105 Practical Leadership Skills 2

Credits: 1

Number of Weeks: 8

This course builds upon facilitation skills learned in Practical Leadership Skills 1.  You will explore the mediation process and practice conflict resolution skills such as active listening, maintaining neutrality, mirroring, summarizing, validating, and expressing empathy.  You will gain an understanding of different conflict resolution models, learn conflict resolution language, identify what creates conflicts, and learn steps to arrive at a common ground.

Through self-analysis exercises you will discover your own approach to conflict as the platform for incorporating the conflict resolution tools and skills covered in the subject matter. Above all, the course will demonstrate that conflict can be a decisive moment of free will to enrich your relationships at work, home, school and community.

Hours per week: Students should plan to set aside 5−6 hours per week to complete their weekly course work.  This course consists of eight units, and students are expected to complete one unit per week.

Textbook information: LEAD 2105 Textbook Information Sheet [PDF]

Prerequisite: LEAD 1105 Practical Leadership Skills 1

Elective for:

  • General Studies Certificate Program
  • General Studies – Individual Course and Audit
  • Ministerial Training Certificate Program (Tracks A and B)

To take this course, you must be a credit or audit student in the SU Online School of Theology and Spiritual Studies. Click here to learn more about the School of Theology. Interested in applying to the school? Visit our Application Process page to apply today!

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