Getting Started at Summit University

What is Summit University?

There is factual learning and then there is personal transformative learning. Summit University has been on the forefront of transformative learning since 1971. A truly unique experience, SU pairs academic studies and professional learning with mystical and metaphysical teachings. Students are given the tools to see beyond the affairs of this world to the deeper meaning behind them. They also receive key spiritual tools to transform themselves—underscoring SU’s belief that those who transform themselves transform the world.

Why study at Summit University?

Summit University is a modern-day mystery school—a rare environment where science and religion meet. Our curriculum targets the science of religion and the true spiritual foundation of all science. To help students penetrate the mysteries of unified, holistic understanding, personal transformational learning is the standard in our coursework. Students not only immerse themselves in a range of subjects in the fields of religion, spirituality, culture and science, but also find ample opportunity for experiential work through introspective and interactive exercises, meditations and prayer work.

And now, with Summit University online courses, you can study in your own home or favorite wifi spot.

How do I get started?

First, select an online program or course of study at Summit University. Current offerings include certificate programs in Ministerial Studies, Leadership Studies, and General Studies. Students may also take individual General Studies courses for credit or for audit. Learn more about each program by clicking on the links below.

The next step—Apply!

Summit University is accepting applications now through July 11 for Fall Semester 2016 certificate programs. Apply now!

To begin, click the button below to go to the Application Process page where we’ve posted all of the how-to-apply information and a link to the confidential online application. Complete, submit and get ready to start on a unique learning adventure!


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