Chicago, IL- October 29-30, 2016


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When: October 29-30, 2016
Where: Church Universal and Triumphant
Community Teaching Center of Chicago
Venue Address:
2404 Mayfair Avenue
Westchester, IL 60154
Languages: English with Spanish translation
Cost: (Does not include discounts, lodging and food, etc.)
a. Pre-reg. fee:  $125
b. Pre-reg. cutoff date:  October 11, 2015
c. On-site reg. fee:  $145
d. 10% discount for Seniors (65 and over) and 10% discount full time Students
Flyer:  coming soon!
Contact Information:
a. Email Address:
b. Phone Number: 708-409-0335
Sponsoring Local Group: Chicago Teaching Center

Understanding Yourself, Part 2
with Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, and God Meru

“Understanding Yourself” is a profound course on the science and practice of soul evolution.  In Part 2, the emphasis is on understanding the four vehicles the soul uses as a platform for evolution: the four lower bodies. Mrs. Prophet gives comprehensive teachings on this part of our spiritual anatomy, and provides invaluable tools for getting a better grip on one’s thinking processes, emotions, physical challenges, habits and temptations.  Part 2 of Understanding Yourself will give you a wonderful new thrust on your spiritual path that you will not want to miss.

Each man’s culture is dominated by the patterns that lie deep within his subconscious being.  Frequently men say that they do not understand themselves.  They do not know why they act as they do.  It is not possible for them to open the doorway of consciousness, to roam the corridors of memory and see each habit in its development, and then to weed out each undesirable thought. There is a better way, and that way is the saturation of the consciousness with the flame of cosmic worth.

—Lord Lanto

Topics include:

  • Detailed studies of the etheric, mental, emotional, and physical bodies
  • The importance of breaking through barriers of unreality and claiming our Real Image
  • Pursuing the imitation of Christ
  • How the path of self-mastery and adeptship begins

Dictations (audio/video replays) by: Kuan Yin, Archangel Jophiel and Gautama Buddha

Other seminar features: This seminar includes a unique purification ritual called a clearance, and concludes with a chakra blessing.

Note: Attending “Understanding Yourself” Part 1 is not a prerequisite to your gaining benefit from Part 2.

Recommended texts (available from the SU Online Bookstore):

  • Prophet, Mark L., Understanding Yourself—Opening the Door to the Superconscious Mind (Summit University Press, 1985 edition)*

*Used extensively in this seminar

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