Aguascalientes, Mexico- Nov. 11-13, 2016



When: November 11-13, 2016
Where: Aguascalientes, Mexico
Language: Spanish
More information: Coming soon!

The Science of Life:
Defend the Sanctity of the Soul
With Jesus Christ, Hilarion, Pallas Athena and the Brotherhood of Truth

Life is the greatest gift that we have received from God.  However, for many in these turbulent times we live in, life is little understood or appreciated.  There is a deep ignorance of the true meaning of life—the science of life that explains in no uncertain terms why we are here and how we attain ultimate wholeness and union with our Divine Self.

How do I heal my own soul?  How do I share a sense of purpose and wholeness with others?  And how do I restore and defend the sanctity of life, especially where it is most helpless—in the womb?

This seminar offers you a unique opportunity to increase your skills as a comforter of souls and defender of life—through acceleration in the flame of living Truth.

Can you count the days and the hours of opportunity open to you?  There is only one goal—it is life.  And that goal includes the impartation of life heart to heart.  This is the way of living the life triumphant on Terra.


Come and decode the science of life and join forces with like-minded souls in the flame of living truth!

Topics include:

  • Tracing the life of the apostle Paul as he embraced his mission and proclaimed the purpose and sanctity of life wherever he went
  • Revisiting Paul as the fourth-century mystic and miracle worker Saint Hilarion, and exploring the art and science of healing that bring deep inner resolution to your soul
  • Delving deeply into the details of the soul’s journey through life, including the developmental stages and spiritual life of the unborn child
  • Practical, hands-on sessions on how to engage in issue advocacy for the defense of life
  • Milestone recorded dictations that will teach you how to take a stand for Truth wherever you are

Dictations (audio/video replays) by: Jesus Christ, Hilarion, Ascended Lady Master Meta and Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth

Other seminar features: This seminar includes a unique purification ritual called a clearance, and concludes with a chakra blessing.

Recommended texts (available from the SU Online Bookstore):

  • Duffy, Neroli (compiled based on the teachings of Elizabeth Clare Prophet), Wanting to Be Born (Summit University Press, 2002)
  • Prophet, Elizabeth Clare (compiled and edited by Nancy Hearn and Dr. Joye Bennett), Nurturing Your Baby’s Soul (Summit University Press, 1998)
  • Prophet, Elizabeth Clare, Hilarion the Healer: The Apostle Paul Reborn (Summit University Press, 2004)
  • Prophet, Elizabeth Clare, The Story of Your Soul: Rediscovering the Pearl of Your True Identity (Summit University Press, 2007)
  • Prophet, Elizabeth Clare, The Path to Immortality, (Summit University Press, 2006)
  • Klusendorf, Scott, Pro-Life 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Case Persuasively (Stand to Reason Press, 2002)
  • Alcorn, Randy, ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments (Multnomah Books, 2000)


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