Conversations on Adeptship

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Part 1: What Is Adeptship Really?


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Part 2: coming soon!

Part 3: coming soon!


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About Summit University

Summit University has been on the forefront of transformative learning since 1971. A truly unique experience, SU pairs academic studies and professional learning with mystical and metaphysical teachings. Students are given the tools to see beyond the affairs of this world to the deeper meaning behind them. They also receive key spiritual tools to transform themselves—underscoring SU’s belief that those who transform themselves transform the world.

About Rev. Carla Groenewegen, Director of Summit University

Born and raised in Holland, Rev. Carla Groenewegen holds a Dutch doctoral degree (Drs) in Cultural Anthropology from Leiden University, with specializations in religious studies and the ethnography of Oceania. Concurrently she explored a variety of esoteric philosophies, including Rosicrucianism and Theosophy.  Employed in Summit University since 1990 and serving as its director since 1999, she developed numerous courses and co-authored two text books published by Summit University Press. She currently spearheads the development of Summit University’s Adeptship Program.

About Sr. Justina Torres, Summit University Web Coordinator and Curriculum Developer

Sr. Justina Torres was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  At the age of 19, she moved across the country to earn her M. Arch. degree from Montana State University.  Graduating in 2010 a year after the US housing market crash, she decided to take a few years off from architecture and applied to work for Summit University.  She has been with Summit University ever since.  She helps support the digital infrastructure that makes up the online school and has been trained in curriculum development.

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