Registration Instructions

Important steps to complete before the start of the semester:

  1. REGISTER for your Fall Semester 2014 course(s) during from May 5 to August 3. Follow steps A-G below to register:
    1. Go to
    2. These Get Ready! instructions are posted in the right hand column of the store if you need to review them.
    3. Click on SU School of Theology (Fall 2014) under Course Catalog (on the left side of the page). Here you will find a list of the courses available for this semester.
    4. Select a course by clicking on Register and then clicking the Order button on the course description page. This will add the course to your cart. The course price includes tuition fee per credit ($100 for credit courses, $50 for audit courses) plus the tech support fee per credit ($10 for credit and audit courses).
    5. You may then continue shopping to add another course to your cart, or proceed to the payments option.
    6. Before you pay for your courses, review your order carefully. Check quantity numbers for each course that you are purchasing and make sure that they each say “1.” (Student logins are linked to individual purchase transactions. If you would like to purchase a course for another accepted student, complete steps F and G below to pay for your course(s) first. Then begin a second purchase transaction using the other student’s name and email address.)
    7. Pay for your courses using your own name[1] and the same email address that is listed on your Moodle profile. Then proceed to payments to pay with a debit/credit card or through a PayPal account.
    8. Once you have registered for your courses, you will receive two emails—an email invoice for your purchase and a separate email with login instructions for how to access SU Online. Review these emails carefully for details about how to login to SU Online.
  2. LOGIN to SU Online using the instructions and username/password that you received via email. On your home page in Moodle, under “My Courses,” look for three specific courses: Moodle 101, Moodle 102, and General Information and Announcements.
    1. You will not see your Fall 2014 courses in your “My courses” list until the first day of the Fall semester, August 19.
    2. The General Information and Announcements course will be available immediately. Here you will find your course syllabus and textbook purchase information. This course will also contain important announcements for students throughout the semester, so check back frequently for updates.
    3. Moodle 101 will be available before August 19.
    4. Moodle 102 will be available before August 19.
  3. SYLLABUS AND SCHEDULE: Go to the General Information and Announcements course and download, print and read the syllabus and schedule for each of your course(s).
  4. TEXTBOOKS: A list of required textbooks and other course materials is available in the Textbook Information Sheet for each course. Please refer to this sheet for information on how to purchase your textbooks.
  5. MOODLE 102: Each course syllabus includes a list of Moodle features with which you will need to be familiar. You can review and practice these features on Moodle 102.
  6. Your Fall 2014 program course(s) will be available to you beginning on August 19.

Questions or Problems? Open a customer support ticket at the SU Tech Support website:

Want to print this information? You can view and print these instructions by clicking on this link: Fall Semester 2014: Get Ready! [PDF]

[1] Students with multiple last names (such as students from Latin America) should only include their primary (most-used) last name in the “Name” box.  For example: If your name is Maria Christina Torres Alvarez, you should only type “Maria Torres” in the “Name” box.  Otherwise your SU Online account will be created with the name “Maria Alvarez”.  Hyphenated last names are acceptable and will appear correctly in your SU Online account.

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